2016 Red Barn In Carversville

A bunch of new little paintings

Hidden Waterfall in CarversvilleWow…didn’t realize how behind I was putting up new paintings until I was getting some ready for a show this month! I was on a kick painting little 6×6’s … they are fun, quick, and sometimes a challenge to fit what you want into a little canvas…

At least two will be in The Painters’ Collective show this month at Max Hansen Carversville Gourmet Grocery. We are hanging the show tomorrow and I have to see what will fit..but the Red Barn and Hidden Waterfall, both painted behind Max Hansen’s shop, will definitely be up there for sale.


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Remember opening up a new box of Crayola crayons…the kind with 64 crayons and a sharpener?
Ahhhh….the excitement, so many possibilities!