A My Fair Lady 2016

Art Show at Hewn Spirit, Peddler’s Village

Canal Path at Prallsville Mill, Stockton, NJThree of my paintings are up (for sale) at the “Spirit of Bucks County” art show at Hewn Spirits in Peddler’s Village! Two really fit the theme, My Fair Lady from the grange fair this year and the other of the canal path. The other fits with the theme of the store… I named it Cocktail Time…

cocktail-time-lemon-lime-paintingI am on a cow painting binge… their shape is unique to … well cows! Boxy hips and body and their noggins have a big bump on the top, yet their faces are so pretty and sweet… stay tuned, I worked on another this weekend during my Painter’s Collective painting weekend in the Poconos…too cold and rainy to paint outside so I worked from another of my grange fair photos.

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Remember opening up a new box of Crayola crayons…the kind with 64 crayons and a sharpener?
Ahhhh….the excitement, so many possibilities!