Most Recent Work

A mix of all categories… Most are available for sale, if its already sold, I can paint something similar.  Or if you have an idea for a painting, a scene, object, animal or pet, contact me to commission a painting. FYI – Click on an image to see it larger. If there is a red dot sold under the painting, it is sold or not for sale (NFS).

  1. Harold KaytesMarch 16,16

    Beautiful works of art. Keep having fun!

  2. kjanstudioMarch 18,16

    Thanks Harold!

  3. kaarenApril 11,16

    Love your artwork, do you have recommendations for homeschooled children our daughter loves sketching?

    • kjanstudioApril 11,16

      My kids took a drawing class from a local artist many years ago. I would google art classes for children in your area. If there is a local art league, they may have a listing of the artists that offer classes. I had some art classes in the summer from a high school art teacher that were wonderful. Besides that, my parents got me drawing pads, spiral bound, and mostly I drew dogs from magazine photos. I’m assuming you are not in my area from checking out your online magazine…very nice!

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Ahhhh….the excitement, so many possibilities!