“Attention–deep, sustained, undeviating–is in itself an experience of a very high order.”  ~Roberto Gerhard

I think you’ll agree with me that most of us run through our days attending to all the minute details we need to manage…..and get so caught up in that, that we don’t stop and pay attention.  To our bodies, to our thoughts, to our feelings, to our loved ones, to our aspirations, to our connection to the Earth.

This is one of the main reasons that I now do my(our) seasonal Liver Detox/ Reset as a 3 week program and no longer the 10 day “down and dirty” detox that we did for many years.  I had done that one so many times that I could simply continue my usual tending-toward-overbusy life and never think twice, just eating a bit crazy and swilling a medical food shake a few times a day.  Not to say that the protocol didn’t work; it did.  My liver was always in better shape at the end and I always felt better.

But I was looking for more.  A return to attention.  Noticing how my body felt, eating a bit differently.  Noticing how my sleep might or might not change.  Reminding myself to get out into Nature every single day no matter what.  Pausing.  Listening.  Feeling.

So now our Fall Liver Detox/Reset is a full 3 weeks.  No medical food, just real food.  We do eliminate a few things (processed foods, added sugars, alcohol) but mostly we focus on including foods that will help our livers do their work, each and every day.  (There are several categories of foods, and the challenge is how to get them all in each day–a fun puzzle!).  We drink an herbal tea that I devised that helps our livers do their work.  There’s also a sleep tea—did you know that most detoxification occurs during the dark time of the circadian cycle?  Best if you’re asleep then!  Daily kitchari keeps our eliminatory function humming so that things don’t get backed up (plus, it’s a tasty breakfast or lunch).  And if you can fit in some time in the sauna, that’s even better.  Far infrared sauna is an excellent way to eliminate fat-soluble toxins, as well as many heavy metals.

If you’re game, join us!  The 2018 Fall Liver Detox/Reset starts Sunday September 16th and runs through Sunday October 7th.  Each participant will be given a meal plan, Detox Tea, Sleep Tea, resource guide, and access to a private Facebook Group for daily information and group support.  (I post each day with tips and info; it’s also a good place to ask questions, post about how you’re feeling, etc).  If you’d like, we also have kitchari “kits” so you don’t have to go shopping (additional charge for rice/lentil mix, ghee and spice combo).  And there are discounts on use of the sauna for participants during the time of the detox.

Your investment:  $120.  (less than you’d spend on a daily latte at Starbucks, and way, way better for you!)

Act now and call the office to get registered:  215-741-1600.

Hope you’ll join me!  You’ll be glad you did.