Wow, I haven’t written in months.  Guess that just lets you know how busy we’ve been, changing a few things around here at MIB.

If you’ve been in lately, you know that we’ve changed our electronic medical record.  Although it’s a bit tedious for you one time (putting in all your history into the patient portal), it’s great after that—access to your lab results whenever you need them, as well as office visit summaries, billing summaries and results of imaging studies and consults from other doc offices.  AND, it’s quicker and easier and cheaper for us, so it’s good all around.  Thanks for your patience as we work through the turn over to the new system.


Holiday Gifting, for others or for yourself

If you’re still looking for something unusual, consider shopping at MIB.  Maybe our herbal teas that I concoct by hand.  Maybe a smudge stick, or bundles of reishi mushrooms or astragalus root to add to stews to boost your immunity.  Or consider a visit with another practitioner:  a Bioimpedence Assessment with Kristin, or maybe body work with Claudia or Matrix Energetics with Suzette.  All the practitioners offer gift certificates, or you could even offer to pay for someone’s supplements for awhile!  We’re flexible with whatever might work best for you and your loved one.


Yoga with Doris

Since Christmas and New Years are on Wednesdays this year, Doris is offering her restorative yoga classes on Monday afternoon instead.  So, Monday 12/23 and Monday 12/30 at 3:30-4:30.  If you’re interested, please contact her directly at 



I’ll write an entire blog about this soon, but thought I’d put this out for now.  If you’re having trouble with stress incontinence or vaginal dryness, then we have a new solution for you.  Using well known technology of red light, heat, vibration and hyaluronic acid, this at-home device delivers what up til now you could only get in the doctor’s office for several thousand dollars.  Red light alters collagen, changing vaginal wall tissue to more easily lubricate, making intercourse more comfortable.  This change in collagen also helps with dropped bladders and incontinence.  Rather than paying a LOT for an office-based procedure, you use this device in the comfort of your own home, every other day for 12 weeks, then a time or two each week for maintenance.  And it’s affordable.  Ask me about it!  It’s something I’m VERY happy to offer!


Nutrition Coaching

Kristin Tomlinson is offering a special pricing for a package of coaching sessions, just in time for the holidays and your New Years Resolutions.  A package of 3 coaching sessions for only $225.  Offer good through 1/31/20.

Also, be aware that Kristin will be offering group nutrition classes, based around a common condition like diabetes or hypertension, starting early in 2020.  Group visits are the wave of the future, a way to get specialized care at a discount.  Also, there are documented benefits of learning along with others who share a common goal of reversing a medical condition that is caused by lifestyle factors.  More detail to come in the new year.


Prolon / Fasting Mimicking Diet

If you want to plan ahead for those New Years Resolutions, consider adding in a 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet for the first few months of 2020.  As discussed in another blog, this is a great way to jump start some life style change to correct your high cholesterol, insulin resistance or autoimmune condition.  And, if you couple it with a careful diet in between the rounds of 5 day FMD, then it’s also a great way to lose weight.  We carry the kits at the office, so just ask us about it.  (I’ll be doing another few rounds early in the new year myself!).


Thank You

Last, just a big thank you.  As we head into our 16th year, I’m so very grateful for all of you who continue to place your trust in our practice.  I watch the great “Bucks County Ob Gyn Musical Chairs” game that’s going on and am glad that I have this little slice of space instead of being in the system.  I’m glad we get to spend longer visit times together, so neither of us feels rushed.  I’m forever grateful for the other skilled practitioners under the MIB roof, and for my wonderful dedicated staff.

When the rest of the world feels overwhelmingly crazy, I stop and appreciate what I have in my workspace.  Thanks so much for your part in that.

Hoping that you can also find some contentment and peace as we end this decade and move forward.  I think 2020 is going to be really, really big!